Luna could have never imagined to be standing where she is today, but the decision to "Keep On Moving" has led her into living a life that she could have only dreamt of . 
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Keep On Moving

Finding the courage to move forward took Luna over 15 years, including a marriage resulting in divorce, 3 children and a dismantled idea of a dream that have all brought her back to square one. Seeminlgy walking in a space of gray, she knew she had to make a change.

Standing afraid and alone, one is confronted with either continuing to live a life based in fear, or fearlessly facing self, and Luna has done so with intent to win. Using the power of Self-Reflection and  Mirror Magic ™ , Luna is creating a lifestyle that she has always dreamed of - FREEDOM 

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Practicing the Medicine of the Music: Luna's Story of "Keep On Moving"

I think I lived in a gray space for a really long time, going back and forth in my mind with ideas of what was right and wrong for me, what path I really wanted to travel, and ultimately finding the strength to speak (or sing) my voice. 

After hitting my head against the wall so many times, feeling as if I was moving on a treadmill but going nowhere fast, I got to a place of experiencing my deepest darkness. It was at that point that I could finally see my light and I knew that I absolutely couldn't live in compromise anymore.  That meant escaping the relationships that I was afraid to leave and didn't serve me any longer. 

The only thing constant in life is change; stagnation is death! I was dying slowly by not being and expressing the fullness of myself.  I knew I had to keep moving if I was to regain any ounce of my sanity, for my children, and to be able to live a life fufilled. 

What moment(s) in your life have motivated you to finally, once and for all, make the personal decision to put fear aside and "Keep On Moving"? 

I think when we discover the courage behind what will get us to actully move forward, we are both forced to face our fears and confront the challeges that hold us back. Often times we must simply look in the mirror to see that we are both our own villain and champion. Moving forward is and will always be a personal choice that you are empowered to make RIGHT NOW!!!! 
Listen to my story and share your "Keep On Moving" moment too. 



Rise of the LUNATICS is here.  
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Thank you for being apart of my support team. I have officially crowned you as a LUNATIC!!!!!  No, you're not mentally ill, but if you know like I know,

"No Artist Tolerates Reality" ~Nietzsche 

LUNATICS are both men and women who fearlessly love, live beyond fear, and find every reason in life to "Keep On Moving" and I know that is you.
With this gift I pray that you are inspired by the message of this song. Don't live in a space of gray or compromise, or complanceny. Live with purpose on purpose and go after your heart's desires. 
With this gift, I plant the seed to bring to myself all that I need and I need you.  Everybody whose anybody going anywhere has a team.  What I know for sure is that noone gets anywhere alone, and I know that you see the light. Help me spread the word, or better the yet the music. Share within your circles and let's get this party started.



We are a collective who believes in the power of the artists. The Lotus flower teaches - "No Bud No Mud", and we are reminded that the beauty of success comes from preservering through the struggle.
Many think that the artists expereince is a lifetime of unneccesary struggle. We are not those artists. LLMG is here to empower ourselves with the tools, services and resources that introduce creative sustainability as a viable lifestyle.  Our focus in on the artists, developing the character, talent and business skills necessary to be successful in today's music world.
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July 5 marks the official release of "KEEP ON MOVING". Enjoy this gift for the next 2 weeks.

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